• A family of churches

    Anthem Camarillo is part a family of churches helping people find their way back to God. The Anthem family of churches is united around shared mission, vision, values, and submission to the Lordship of King Jesus. In our cities, we are working to obey Jesus in helping people find their way back to God.

October 18th - 24th

Celebrate Generosity

Each year we take an offering on our anniversary and the week following to invest in Global Initiatives, Local Initiatives and Reproducing Church Initiatives. We will be giving away 100% of the money given at our gathering on October 18th and the week following.

Global Initiatives 

  • Zoe International

    Rescuing kids out of human trafficking and into a Christ-centered home to cultivate physical, emotional, spiritual well being and to provide them with skills for adult life. www.gozoe.org     

  • Touch Nepal

    Remote Area Pastors Training to cultivate high quality biblical teaching in remote areas of Nepal by indigenous pastors and leaders. www.touchnepal.org   

Zoe International Interview with Mike & Carol Hart

Kids Helping Kids 

One of Anthem’s Global Partners for Celebrate Generosity, Zoe International, provides an awesome way for our kids to participate in giving through a project called Kids Helping Kids. Children learn about Zoe’s work and then earn or collect money to donate to kids in Thailand. You can watch an introduction video here. Le arn more about Zoe International at www.gozoe.org   

Below are some documents Nicole Raden put together to help you and your kids get started. Questions email Nicole.  

The Reproducing Church

  • Steadfast Church

    Garrison and Meredith Wash will be planting Steadfast Church in South Pasadena in Fall of 2021. steadfastchurch.org  

  • Genesis Collective 

    Genesis Church Planting Cohort — We have 13 potential planters (including the Washes) going through a global planting cohort. We would love to set aside money to invest in the plants that happen in the next year (Sri Lanka, Netherlands, California, India) genesiscollective.org  

Local Initiatives

  • Anthem Camarillo

    Zoe LA - Los Angeles based rescue operations + facilitating placement in foster care. www.gozoe.org    

  • Anthem Thousand Oaks 

    Foster Care Initiatives - We love to partner with local ministries whose focus is resourcing and encouraging families and individuals in the foster care system.

    Zoe LA - Los Angeles based rescue operations + facilitating placement in foster care. www.gozoe.org 

  • Anthem Ventura

    The City Center - Providing a transitional living center for homeless individuals and families in Ventura, equipping them to rebuild their lives for self-sufficiency.

    Based upon Christ Centered values, we assist the homeless population of Ventura County, through transition and restoration to a status of contributing to society by embracing the model of loving our neighbor as ourselves. thecitycenter.org 

How will we gather?

We will be gathering in two different ways for Celebrate Generosity this year. 

  • Outdoor Home Gathering 10:00am 

    Join us in person at the Bowcock's. There is plenty of space and we hope to have everyone that is able join us!  

    Bring a chair, shade, and something for your little ones as we spend time worshipping together.

  • Livestream - 10:00am

    We will livestream our gathering at 10:00am. If you are not able to join us in person, we hope you will join the livestream! 

    Celebrate Generosity is a celebration and we encourage you to make it a special morning at home! 

How can I give? 

Giving cheerfully and sacrificially is a part of worship at Anthem. We give generously because God has first been generous to us. We dream of becoming a church marked by radical generosity. We encourage you to give above and beyond your normal giving during Celebrate Generosity! 

  • Online

    Any giving done online October 18th and week following will automatically be given towards Celebrate Generosity. 

    Note: If you participate in automatic giving on a weekly or monthly basis, you will need to change it the week of Oct 18-24 if you don't want it to be automatically put in the Celebrate Generosity fund.

  • In person Giving

    We will be taking an offering in person at the Outdoor Home Gathering on October 18th.