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Covid Care 

Our county's increased cases of Covid may lead to you, or someone you know, getting Covid. We wanted to provide some helpful information and resources for this purpose.

We understand that getting Covid and being asked to quarantine adds multiple dimensions to you and your families needs. Whether those needs are physical (grocery shopping, prescription pick-up, mowing the lawn, etc.) or they are emotional (feelings of loneliness, despair, or hopelessness), we are here to help!

If you or someone you know is experiencing covid, do not hesitate to let your Anthem family know. Although our ability to fellowship the way we used to may be hindered, we can still come alongside and help meet the needs you may be experiencing. Please also be in contact with your health care provider so they can direct you on the medical care you may need. 

The following are some ways we would like to bless you:

- Meal trains

- Grocery shopping/delivery

- Provide you with:

         - A covid care kit

          - Information to help you create a covid care kit 

- Prescription pick ups

- Encouraging emails, calls, and text messages

How can I help?

If you would like to help meet the needs of those in our community, please consider some of the following…

Covid Care Kit - A Covid Care Kit is a tangible way to display God’s love to those in our church body and community. We already have some kits put together! If you are in need of a kit for yourself or someone else, click here for more info.

Meal trains/Grocery Shopping - Set up or help with a meal train, do someone's grocery shopping, or have groceries delivered.

Check-in's - Continue reaching out to your neighbors, offer prayer and encouragement and the hope we have in Jesus. Send someone an encouraging text or note in the mail. 

What to do while I am healthy...

Vitamin C - Make sure to get your Vitamin C! 1,000mg twice a day is the recommendation. Emergen-C Powder or Liposomal Vitamin C are some great choices.

Vitamin D3K2 - Take a daily serving of Vitamin D3K2. A daily serving is about 1,000mg. Vitamin K helps your body absorb the Vitamin D.

Zinc - Zinc is also recommended, 50mg a day. 

Sunshine - Get some sunshine! We are blessed to have sunny and warm weather (most of the time). 

Health Care Provider - Make sure to be in contact with your doctor so they can monitor your health and aid you in your medical needs directly. 


What to do if I start feeling unwell or if I test positive for Covid ...

Prayer - Let us know so that we can pray for you.

Vitamins - Keep taking those vitamins (Vitamin C, Vitamin D3K2, Zinc). Increase the Vitamin D3K2 to 4 times the recommended amount. 

Sunshine - Continue getting some sunshine daily if you can. Even if it’s for a few minutes at a time.

What to do if I start to feel the sickness in my lungs...

- Contact your health care provider

- Try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

- Medical professionals encourage patients to lay on their stomach. If you are unable to do this, laying on your side is recommended. Laying on your back decreases the expansion of the lungs.

- Avoid sitting in a reclined position. If you’re watching TV, make sure to get up and walk during commercial breaks. Keep that blood circulating!

- Slowly blowing up a balloon (unless you have an Incentive Spirometer) will help expand the lungs. 

- If you feel the need of a pulse oximeter, let us know. We have some available for you to borrow.

- Try to stay calm. We understand that this is a frightening situation. 

- Hot steam showers, humidifiers, and breathing in peppermint essential oils will help as well. 

If you have a need or questions Contact: