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Covid Care Kits 

A Covid Care Kit is a tangible way to display God’s love to those in our church body and community.

The kits we have available include vitamins recommended by healthcare professionals and other common cold/flu care items. 

*Please direct individuals to seek medical advice from their health care provider as well.                                                      

How it works ... 

Get a Kit - If you have come down with Covid and are in need of a kit let us know. You can contact your community group leader, Kathleen Bowcock , or Winter McDaniel

Give a Kit - Do you know someone in need of a kit? We have some available and ready to go! Contact Kathleen Bowcock or Winter McDaniel

Build a kit - You can use the list below to inspire and guide you as you use it for yourself or to bless someone you know.

Donate - If you would like to help make sure we have funds available to continue to bless the community in different ways, including Covid Care Kits, you can make a donation to our Acts 2 Fund . Covid Care Kits cost approximately $75 and include the items listed below.

What's in a kit?

These are the items that come in our pre-made kits or you can Use this list to build your own:

Emergen-C, 1000mg Vitamin C

Natural Liposomal Vitamin C, 1500mg

NutriFlair Zinc Gluconate, 50mg

Vitamin D3 + K2 with Organic Coconut Oil

Tissue Box 

Epsom Salt 


Peppermint Tea

Balloons (to maintain lung capacity)

Extra things you can Add:

Ginger Drops 

Essential oils 

Chicken noodle soup/ Bone broth


Facials/Foot masks

Disinfecting Wipes

Hydrogen Peroxide

Sudoku/Word Search 

Coloring books

Local Restaurant Giftcards

DoorsDash/Grubhub Giftcards

Scripture Cards

Notes of encouragment

if you need a kit or have any questions contact

Kathleen Bowcock - kathleen.bowcock@anthemchurch.org  

Winter McDaniel - w.mcdaniel@verizon.net